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I am Julian Catasus y Brueggemann
I design and develop unique digital
 experiences tailored to the user’s needs and target audiences.

Julian Planet with rocket circling around the planet

Rebranding Duolingo

Duolingo wants to encourage Americans to learn the language. This rebranding campaign extends the current target audience.


Over the years the Museum of Natural History grew significantly.
As a result the navigation became more complicated.

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This screen shows the new user interface of the redone app for the museum
This screen shows the user enabled exhibit selection, which can be used for the AI to determine better suggestions.
This screen shows the AR navigation in action with the exhibit highlightes in the background for more information.
Trader Joes Wellness and Nutrition Human Interface Design

Trader Joe’s Wellness & Nutrition

Food greatly impacts our health. Based on personality and lifestyle Trader Joe’s tries to help you to improve your nutrition.

case study video

A technological innovation
that is intended to aid
vision impaired.

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Julian Catasus y Brueggemann is a German artist based in Basel, Switzerland and New York.
He enjoys the Swiss design style for its clean and flat shapes. Furthermore, he admires the abstraction of cubism which greatly influences his artworks.

He currently attends FIT, State University of New York, as an advertising and digital design major. His studies focus on the creation of new concepts of user experience and interface design in the modern world.
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