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Senior Thesis


Did you know that one out of every five elementary school students suffers from dyscalculia?

This means that they need significantly longer to solve simple math problems compared to their peers.

Introducing SpeedyMATH: an app to overcome dyscalculia and strengthen mental math. By using principles of gamification in an educational context, learning math is transformed into a hand drawn magical adventure.


One beautiful day in the magic Numberland, the wizard SpeedyFlux gets turned into a slow turtle by the evil witch MinusMinus. As a result, he cannot compete against her in the big arena for the SpeedyMATH tournament and players take his place in the competition, to win the secret back-to-human formula.


The app uses treasured principles of gamification to teach math.

Level Selection
Highscores and Rewards
Memorization - The player repeats the same problems in the same order during the initial stage of playing.
Repetition - The player has to complete one level daily

Keyboard Design

A keyboard made for children hands

The keyboard and buttons are optimized for thumb use of children’s hands.


A campaign that targets and challenges parents

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Julian Brueggemann

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