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Museum of Natural History

Digital Wayfinding Products

Over the years the American Museum of Natural History grew significantly. As a result the navigation became more complicated.
We created new digital products to enhance the navigation and overall experience of patrons.

Julian Brueggemann
Branding + App

Angela Diep
Interactive Display

Adam Chen


The museum has a size of


square feet

That’s about

34 American Football fields.

We conducted interviews with patrons to learn how they feel about navigating the mueum

Used the paper map

Knew about the app and used it

Used no navigation

Ended up being lost


AMNH Expolorer App
The explorer app features an all new AR navigation screen which can display itineraries and exhibit info in one convenient place.
AMNH Kiosk
The new kiosk lets visitors view the map and helps them to build their itinerary and serves as info screen while idling.
AMNH Interactive Wndow Display
The interactive window display revolves around the little visitors. They can discover the display, draw, and listen to sounds and information.
Itinerary Builder with AR Navigation
Built the Itinerary at a kiosk and sent it to the app
Machine learning
Pre-curated itineraries

Top Feature

Visitor Amenities
Quick Buttons

Dash buttons offer a fast-forward navigation to all important amenities, such as restrooms and dining options within the museum.
The app will create a detour if the user is currently following an active intinerary.

Detour Function with AR Navigation


Persona Photo

Rebecca, 29

New York, New York

Rebecca is a single mom residing in the Upper West Side, working full time at a bank. She is an active person and open to new experiences everyday. Due to her long work hours, Rebecca enjoys weekends with her son.


😊 Educating her son at young age to empower his future.
😊 Wants her son to be open to the world and to different cultures.


😩 More bonding time with her son.
😩 Exciting and educating activities to do with her son.
😩 The best education for
her son.

“As a single mother, I just want to ensure the best education for my son. I also want him to have a good time and be interested in learning something new.”

Journey Map


A Saturday visit to the museum with her 5 year old son. They recently watched Night at the Museum and he expressed the wish to see the dinosaurs.


Rebecca’s son has never been to the museum.
 He wants to see the dinosaurs and the other exhibitions inside of the museum.
1 - Preparing for the Trip
😊 Good Experience
Preparing for the trip to the museum and packing her backpack with snacks and water.
2 - Getting to the Museum
😩 Bad Experience
The subway is crowded and often delayed on weekends.
The car is a great opportunity to look at the museum’s website on her phone and buy tickets.
3 - Waiting at the Entrance
😊 Good Experience
Most visitors waited at the main entrance and were not aware of other entrances.
Security is important, however there should be advisories that other entrances are available.
4 - Entrance Hall of the Museum
😩 Bad Experience
See the big T-Rex in the entrance hall is a misleading hope to be close to dinosaurs exhibit.
Use as an encouraging element for exhibit, and a good point for directions.
5 - Ticket Counter
😩 Bad Experience
Rebecca can pick the pay-as-you-wish option only at the counter not online or at vending machines.
Offer pay as you wish online and on vending machines to shorten lines (for NYS residents.)
6 - Find the Closest Way to the Dinosaurs
😩 Bad Experience
In Rebecca’s eyes, the map is so unorganized so it takes her time to locate the points.
A simplified map with navigation features and quick access to ammenities.
7 - Walking the Dinosaur
Exhibition Loop
😊 Good Experience
Rebecca’s son is running from point to point in the exhibit. He is a very active child and she has run after him.
An experience to keep children longer at a station before moving to the next.
8 - Finding Bathroom
😩 Bad Experience
Restrooms are hard to find
and barely visible on the provided map.
A clear and fast navigation to
all available restooms.
9 - Visit other Exhibitions
😊 Good Experience
After seeing the dinosaurs they stroll through the other floors of the museum. Both realize that not all characters of the movie are (e.g. Egyptians) are in the museum.
Clearer communication of the available exhibits and routes based on the movie.
10 - Leaving for Home
😊 Good Experience
After a couple hours they decide to grab Shake Shack for Dinner and return home. Rebecca is very tired after the museum and the dining options at the museum close early.
A list of dining suggestions inside and close to the museum.
09:00 09:15 09:30 09:45 10:00 11:00 12:00 01:00 02:00 03:00

Point of Views

As a mom,
Rebecca needs a fun learning activity for her son,
because he prefers to play iPad instead of discovering the real world.
As a full time working
Rebecca wants to spend time with her son on weekends,
but has trouble to find suitable/age appropriate activities that have educational value.
As a New Yorker,
Rebecca needs a stress free experience at the museum,
but experiences the frustration of being lost due to lack of signage and unclarity of the map.

Design System

Color Swatches



Animated Logo

Redesigned Logo

Animated Logo


Iconography Grid System
Iconography All Icons
Please note: This is a classroom project purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any textual information or photos.