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I am Julian.

I design and develop
unique digital

Intro graphic which shows a girl touching a smartphone and a guy next to her observing her interaction

Featured Case Studies

American Museum of
Natural History

Over the years, the Museum of Natural History grew significantly. As a result, the navigation became more complicated for visitors.

FIT / Infor DTech Lab

A longterm project to establish the web presence for FIT’s on campus innovation lab

Infor Cloud Suite

An UX research project utilizing an existing mid market platfrom to serve small fashion apparel industries

Coming Soon

Spotlight: Gamification

Senior Thesis


SpeedyMATH, an app for children to overcome dyscalculia

Discovering Concepts of Gamification

An advertisng campaign broadening the user specturm, and a UI/UX case study determening motivational aspects and painpoints.

Student Competitions

Art Direction

Swiss International Airlines

A airline layover service
for Swiss Airlines.

Trader Joe’s Wellness & Nutrition

Eating the appropriate daily nutrients greatly impacts health physically and mentally.
Based on personality and lifestyle, Trader Joe’s tries to help customers to improve their nutrition.

I am a German/Swiss designer based in New York City and Basel, Switzerland.
I enjoy the Swiss design style for its clean and flat shapes. I also admire the abstraction of cubism which greatly influence my artworks.

I graduated with an Advertising and Digital Design BFA degree from FIT, State University of New York, in May 2020. My work focuses on the creation of new concepts of user experience and interface design in the modern, technologically advanced world.
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