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Resume (external link)

I am Julian.

I design and develop
unique digital

Intro graphic which shows a girl touching a smartphone and a guy next to her observing her interaction


Short Bio.

Julian Catasus y Brueggemann [pronounced: Ju-li-an Cats-are-sushi-Bru-ge-man] is a German designer located near Basel, Switzerland. He enjoys the Swiss design style for its clean and flat shapes. Furthermore, he admires the abstraction of cubism which significantly influences his art and design thinking.

He graduated with an Advertising and Digital Design BFA degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), State University of New York, in May 2020. His work focuses on the research and creation of new design concepts in user experience and interface design.
As a forward-thinking designer, he constantly seeks new challenges in the field of digital design. Julian is also a design research assistant at an interdisciplinary research lab at FIT and a passionate part-time tutor. From 2018-2020, he lectured various college classes in FIT’s graphic design and illustration departments as a teacher assistant.