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Resume (external link)

Adobe Awards Entry 2019.

AMNH Digital Way-finding.

Problem: Over the years, the American Museum of Natural History grew significantly. As a result, the navigation became more complicated for the visitors.

Solution: We created new digital products to enhance the navigation in the museum through AR and AI to enhance the overall experience of the patrons.

The museum has a size of:

1,938,000 sq. ft
180'000 m²

That’s comparable to:

34 American Football fields.

Augmented Reality (AR) Navigation. The AR screen displays itineraries (custom & curated) and exhibit info in real-time.

Dash Button feature. Most visitors had trouble finding amenities, such as restrooms during their visit. Pressing a dash button will create a detour, if the user is currently following an active itinerary.

Itineraries. Visitors can also build their itineraries on in-museum kiosks and sends them to their phones.

Leveraging AI. The machine learning UI helps to improve itinerary suggestions.

Unified Navigation. We established a unified navigation system and iconography across all physical and digital museum spaces.

UX Research

We conducted interviews with patrons to learn how they feel about navigating the museum:
Used the paper map

Knew about the app and used it
Used no navigation
Ended up being lost

Affinity mapping

Creating personas

Empathy mapping for each persona

Creating a journey map

View Interactive Journey Map

Initial wireframes

Architecture chart of the app

Design System

Animated Logo
Animated Logo
Iconography Grid System
Iconography All Icons

Julian Brueggemann

UX Research, Branding, App Concept
Angela Diep
UX Research, Branding, Interactive Display Concept
Adam Chen
UX Research, Kiosk Concept

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Please note: This is a classroom project purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any textual information or photos.

Last Updated: July 17, 2020

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