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Resume (external link)

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DTech Lab Website.

FIT/Infor DTech Lab is an on-campus innovation lab to research and solve industry problems with design and technology.

A long-term project to establish the web presence by curating digital content, conducting user research, designing an innovative multi- platform interface, and coding with consideration to ADA compliance.

Extending the brand's graphic library

Designing an innovative
multi platform interface

Redesigned homepage. (Currently under development)

Project Page. Slide-based content pages to describe project timelines step-by-step

Mobile Navigation. Thumb-friendly mobile website and navigation

Sketch UI Library

Style Guide


Development. Prototyped and Developed with Webflow.

Visit the DTech Website Opens External Link in a new Window or Tab

Michael Ferraro

Creative Director
Judith Bowens
Managing Director, Copy Writing
Julian Brueggemann
Digital Content, UI Design, UX Research, Web Development, Videography, Copy Writing
Rah-Nee Kelly
Copy Writing Consultant
Norma Stary ADA
Compliance Consultant
Richard Ota
Technical Web Support
Sam Morgan
Developer of DTech Teaser Page

Please note: This is a project for FIT DTech Lab (formerly: FIT/Infor DTech Lab) I do not claim any textual information or photos. All content on the page remains the intellectual property of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Infor and the Infor Logo are registered trademarks of Infor.

Last Updated: December 05, 2020

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SpeedyMATH: an app to overcome dyscalculia and strengthen mental math. By using principles of gamification in an educational context, learning math is transformed into a hand drawn magical adventure.