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AMNH - Interactive Journey Map


A Saturday visit to the museum with her 5 year old son. They recently watched Night at the Museum and he expressed the wish to see the dinosaurs.


Rebecca’s son has never been to the museum. He wants to see the dinosaurs and the other exhibitions inside of the museum.

1 - Preparing for the Trip
😊 Good Experience
Preparing for the trip to the museum and packing her backpack with snacks and water.
2 - Getting to the Museum
😩 Bad Experience
The subway crowded and delayed on weekends.
Rebecca decides to take Uber. During her ride she decides to look at the museum’s website on her phone to explore exhibits.
3 - Waiting at the Entrance
😊 Good Experience
The line at the main entrance is very long.
The Uber driver tells her about a side entrance with a shorter line. However, there should be advisories that other entrances are available.
4 - Entrance and Ticketing at the Museum
😩 Bad Experience
As a New York resident Rebecca is restricted from using online ticketing and the electronic ticket vending machines, so she has to wait in line for taking advantage of resident pricing options.
Offer pay as you wish payment online and at vending machines to shorten lines (for NYS residents).
5 - Navigating to the Dinosaurs
😩 Bad Experience
Rebecca uses the provded paper map to find the way to the dinosaurs. In her eyes, the map is so unorganized so it takes her time to locate the exhibit.
A simplified digital map with search feature makes searching and navigation easier. Rebecca was not aware of the current app.
6 - Elevators
😩 Bad Experience
Rebecca took a stroller for her son and to carry her belongings inside the museum. As the dinosaurs are on the fourth floor she has trouble finding the elevators.
Better signage to customer ammenities such as coat checks and elevators.
7 - Walking the Dinosaur
Exhibition Loop
😊 Good Experience
Rebecca’s son is running from point to point in the exhibit and loves to watch the big and small dinosaurs. Rebecca reads the info signs to him.
An experience for children to explain and engage exhibits in an appropriate manner.
8 - Finding Bathroom
😩 Bad Experience
Restrooms are hard to find
 and the signs to them are barely visible on the provided map.
A clear and fast navigation to
 all available restooms.
9 - Other Exhibitions
😊 Good Experience
After seeing the dinosaurs Rebecca and her son stroll through the other floors of the museum.
A better way to find exhbits with related topics.
10 - Leaving for Home
😊 Good Experience
After a couple hours they decide to grab Shake Shack for dinner (located behind the museum) and return home. Both are very tired after the museum. The dining options at the museum close early.
A list of dining suggestions inside and close to the museum.
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