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Trader Joe's Wellness and Nutrition

Content Marketing

Food influences our overall health. Not just in a physical manner, but also in a mental matter. Eating properly is a challange for the lifestyle of many millennials.
Based on your personality and lifestyle Trader Joe’s new service tries to help you to improve your overall well-mental-being

Julian Brueggemann
UX + UI + Prototype

Lauren Padula
UX + UI + Presentation

Anika Grube

Cut open head with vegetables moving out of the head
Itinerary Builder with AR Navigation
Built the Itinerary at a kiosk and sent it to the app
Machine learning


The food we eat greatly impacts our health. Both physically and mentally.
We wanted to create a platform that helps people learn about nutrition, their habits and mental health, to help create a happier you.


Track your mood, goals, meals, and BMI on a regular basis.

Suggestions and stats to help you. Visualize goals and reach them faster.

Trader Joe’s Product suggestions to improve your diet for your next grocery shopping trip at your local Trader Joe’s.


Persona Photo

Amanda, 21

Queens, New York

Amanda is an executive assistant from Queens.
She enjoys good coffee and doing crossfit on weekends. She loves going to music venues and finding new artists to listen too.

Amanda loves food and enjoys shopping at Trader Joe’s. An advertisement direct her to Trader Joe’s new service. She is interested in alternative avenues for self-care and wellness. She is focused in the facts correlating mental health and food. She decides to create a journal to document her personal journey with mental health and food.

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