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The Young Ones

Spotify Street Tunes

How to bring back the community feeling of the radio in times of streaming music in the car?

Introducing Spotify Street Tunes. A new way to experience Spotify in the car.

A live approach to Out Of Home

Spotify Street Tunes is an out of home experiential campaign that displays currently the most popular artist in the neighborhood of the poster’s physical location with real time updates.

Listen to the same Music together

As the user enters a new neighborhood while driving, the app will suggest the artist promoted in that neighborhood. This is done by using geofencing.

A pop up will appear in the app to turn on Spotify Street Tunes. We understand that you don't want to be interrupted while jamming, so if you don't want to listen to it, the pop up will automatically disappear within 10 seconds.

Spotify Street Tunes wants to bring back the community feeling the radio once offered by listening to the same artist together.

Julian Brueggemann

Lindsey Pak

Brendan Mansfield

Jesse Skupa
Voice Actor

Please note: This is a classroom project purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any textual information or photos.

Last Updated: May 17, 2020