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Food Farmacy LLC

Branding and Web

Food Farmacy specializes in healthy individual meal plan subscriptioons, “Mealscriptions,” to help balance your body. By joining one of our plans, you will be putting your body in balance, and assist your body to heal itself which will improve your overall health.

Julian Brueggemann
Creative Director

Mission Statement

Food Farmacie's mission is to provide nourishing and delicious meals made from the best quality organic ingredients. They continue to establish business relationships with quality suppliers, forming community ties with local farms to provide farm to table produce while maintaining the highest customer service and quality.


Business Cards + Letter Head

User Interface Redesign

Tri-Fold Print - Front and Back side

User Interface Redesign

Tri-Fold Print - Front and Back side


Design + Development

Easy Maintenance

A graphic backend ensures that the customer can maintain and republish the website on its own.